Art As A Healing Influence

In an entry dated Aug 10, 2013, on The Creativity Post ( ), Carly Ginsberg wrote:

The arts can give a life to the parts of ourselves that we often hide or are scared to show in their most exploded forms.  In a more traditional setting, like in a theater or a gallery, artistic work can give the audience a chance to escape from their own realities and give breath to the parts of themselves that feel touched or evoked by the piece.

I think we all need the chance to escape our realities once in a while.  The problem with this is that our realities are always waiting for us when we return.  What if we could find a way to incorporate our “trips” into our everyday existence, thereby ultimately reducing our need to escape?

Children living in foster care have various realities depending on the situations or environments in which they find themselves.  School – parent’s night – who is going to come for me?  Home – what do I call these people – Mom? Or Dad?  Therapy – How much do I tell?  Will it get back to those people?  Will I get in trouble?  Sports – no one taught me how to throw a baseball.

For these kids, learning to adapt to each situation requires a tremendous amount of energy; most of which they are unaware of expending or even doing.  Providing a creative outlet that is a constant for these kids would help to keep them grounded.

How about a Name Beat rhythm?  What is a Name Beat rhythm?  Say your name in various rhythms: normal pronunciation and how you might like it said.  The child can repeat this Name Beat to themselves when they feel anxious or scared.  This exercise connects them to their identity, calms them down and allows them to escape the reality for a brief moment in time.  Not such a bad thing in the midst of their craziness.

Not a bad thing for adults, either.  Don’t you think?

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